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Integral Ad Science is a media valuation platform that helps buyers and sellers unlock unprecedented value from online advertising. Integral provides a comprehensive data and solution set that supports advertisers' ability to plan, execute, and target their audience in an environment that associates their brand with media quality and drives ROI. Integral is headquartered in New York with operations in San Francisco, London, Tokyo, and Sydney.
Appnexus is an enterprise cloud computing firm that provides infrastructure building blocks to deploy and manage high availability applications quickly, securely, and reliably primarily to the online advertising industry. The CEO is Brian O'Kelly, a co-Founder and CTO of RightMedia. Investors including Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Venrock; Kodiak Venture Partners and Marc Andreessen.
ChallengePost's mission is to harness innovation through a prize model. It is an online marketplace where unsolved consumer and corporate problems can reach skilled problem solvers. The Board of Directors includes Steve Wozniak, the Co-Founder of Apple Computer.
Crisp Media is a rich media advertising company that offers a universal ad platform for building, serving, and measuring interactive campaigns across multiple platforms -- including desktop and mobile Web, mobile applications, tablets, and connected TVs.
Its innovative ad formats and Adhesion™ ad placement technology empower brands to engage with consumers and drive interaction across various channels, while simplifying creative development, streamlining ad serving, and unifying reporting for agencies. Leading brands including Estee Lauder, HBO, IBM, Intel, Marriott, Paramount Pictures, Toyota, Volkswagen, and others have run Crisp rich media campaigns.
Crisp rich media ads are widely adopted across over 700 sites and applications, and has partnered with leading publishers including CBS, CNN, Hearst Magazines, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, The Weather Channel, and others. largest advertising clients.
Dimestore Media is a new kind of digital media company providing advertisers with a true set of engagement metrics. Dimestore can instrument any online advertising campaign to provide rich engagement and transactional data. The company's founders include David Moore and Scott Cohen who founded 24/7 RealMedia.
EveryScreenMedia is a mobile advertising company still in stealth mode.
Jango is a social music service that lets consumer create and share custom radio stations. With over 30 million monthly unique visitors in the US, and 300 million monthly page views, Jango has the biggest reach of any other music property in the world. Jango, consumers can play the music they want online, legally and free. Jango is licensed by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange.
Magnetic™ is search retargeting. The Magnetic data marketplace empowers advertisers and publishers to use search data as the key indicator of intent and retarget campaigns to the most relevant audience online. With more than 270 million search profiles, Magnetic significantly lifts the value of media and improves campaign performance.
Media6° provides major brand marketers with revolutionary analytics and marketing insight that help deliver the right message to the right consumer. The algorithms and methods used by Media6°'s patent pending technology are based on a familiar phrase: "birds of a feather flock together." The firm's CEO is Tom Phillips a member of the original management team at Starwave Corporation, where beginning in 1993 he led the teams that developed,,,, forming the first family of vertical Internet media properties. In 1998, Tom became CEO of and sold that company to Google and eBay in 2001. Immediately prior to joining Media6°, Tom held a number of senior roles at Google where his duties included overseeing the DoubleClick integration and, subsequently, establishing Google's Search & Analytics team to pioneer new uses for Google data on behalf of Google's largest advertising clients.
Triton owns, develops and operates a portfolio of Websites serving passionate consumer audiences. Its properties include,,,,, and
Triton acquires premium, one-of-a-kind domain names in lucrative enthusiast categories and then applies their technology platform to transform each name into a fully developed Web property, complete with robust commerce and social- networking functionality.
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